Monday, December 17, 2012

Westfield Fire Collects Donations for Sandy Hook

In the cold, dreary weather that served as an eerie metaphor for the unspeakable events that occurred this past Friday in Newtown CT, the Westfield Fire Department ran a "Fill the Helmet" fundraiser yesterday to collect money to be donated to the families impacted by this tragedy.

The Westfield Fire Department raised over $8000 yesterday thanks to the quick thinking of a few of our firefighters, a huge turnout of firefighters and their family from 8:30 -4:00 yesterday to run the event and the overwhelming support of our generous community.

The principal architects of the event were Lt. Matt Holmes, Lt. Matt Caffrey, FF Jake Peterson, FF James Figueroa, FF Kevin Mosca, EMT Lucas Kennedy, EMT Ed Bonviso and Alysia Bonviso. Safety Officer Stephen Hughes provided a significant amount of logistical support. The event received the full support of Chief John Lockwood, Deputy Chief Joe Augeri and Assistant Chief Bill Balch.  Additionally, Commissioner Sid Harmon was on hand to provide the full support of the Westfield Fire District.

To paint a picture, we set up signs and several pieces of apparatus outside the firehouse and placed cones down the center line of East Street. Volunteers held out helmets for contributions. Many of those donating we're emotional. Some had tears in their eyes - a reflection of the magnitude and brutal rawness of what happened two days earlier and miles away from us. It was a meaningful experience for all of us at the WFD and we were quite proud to say that we live in a community of such caring and generosity.

Chief John Lockwood would like to personally thank the members of the Department and their family members who participated in this event.  There were too many friends and family participating to mention them all by name, but rest assured, your help was recognized and greatly appreciated.  Chief Lockwood said, "Times like this can be so difficult for all of us.  It was heartwarming for me to see us come together, the fire department and the community we serve, to do something above ourselves for those who most badly need a helping hand.  I am so proud of our fire department for the selfless dedication they display time and time again.  Well done!"

There are a couple of funds set up for the victims families, however, before the WFD donates the money to any of the funds we plan to connect with the Sandy Hook fire chief to see if he has any recommendations.

Panoramic photo of WFD Fundraiser for Newtown/Sandy Hook by FF James Figueroa

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  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    A big "thank you" to all involved. I am not from Sandy Hook, I do not know anyone from Sandy Hook, but I spent the weekend, as I will for a while longer, crying from time to time and thanking God for my happy and healthy child. The unexpected opportunity to do something positive, and share a moment and some dollars with other grieving people was a welcome respite from the dreary weather and the endless drone on TV. The firemen of Westfield helped this grieving American.