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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2013 Annual District Meeting Held

The 2013 Westfield Fire District's annual meeting was held at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday February 5 at the Westfield Fire Department.  A large crowd filled the upstairs meeting room for the session which was officially opened at approximately 8:20 p.m.  The start was delayed to allow the large number of attendees to  go through the check-in process and to allow firefighters to return from a motor vehicle accident on I91.   Among the agenda items included a vote for 3 of the 9 commissioners with the long-time incumbent, Ross Andrew, Jr. running against Daniel Barone.  Prior to the vote, Mr. Andrew explained to those in attendance that the commission is composed of 9 members who hold overlapping 3-year terms.  In each triennial election, one of the three positions is filled by a Westfield firefighter.  With both Daniel Barone and Ross Andrew being members of the Westfield Fire Department, only one of the two could be voted in as a commissioner and thus they were forced to run against each other.  The final vote was 48 - 38 in favor of Ross Andrew, Jr.  In the second vote of the evening, residents were asked to vote on the approval of $1.5 million in bonding or financing to purchase new apparatus.  Commissioner Ted Bysiewicz offered some details behind the need to secure financing given the District's history of making capital purchases with cash.  The final vote was 78 for and 10 against.

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